Erectile dysfunction is a troubling disease stemming from the inability to keep your penis firm enough for intercourse. Perhaps the most perplexing thing about erectile dysfunction is that it is often the symptom of another potentially scarier disease or condition.

Common treatments are to speak to your doctorED In Men Under 40

All men realize this is a sore and embarrassing subject but it is extraordinarily important to get your doctor involved early. Diabetes and heart disease are often linked to erectile dysfunction or ED. So while it may be embarrassing to speak to your doctor you can see why it would be of the utmost importance to do so. The Mayo Clinic cites Ed as the following, the sexual arousal process in males is very complicated, it involves virtually every major system in the body, Brain, Hormones, emotions. Which can only be compounded by physical or mental impairments.

Often a combination of physical or psychological disease causes ED.Just for an example a minor issue with firmness in one sexual encounter may cause psychological stress. This stress could,and often does manifest itself in the form of ED. It could only take that one time for a man to become so paralyzed with fear that he has trouble maintaining firmness for the rest of his life, Whats interesting about the above passage is that often, ED is psychosomatic meaning the symptoms are all in the mans head. Thats what makes this issue so much greater once the man has an ounce of it a pound is easy to come by. It is a vicious scary cycle.

Whats worse is that the man may have heart disease or diabetes and now he has that heavy weight hanging over him and he cant keep his penis firm, then the vicious cycle begins again and again. The education around ED has been extremely poor. I think you have to look at the social stigma around reporting an ED issue as the main culprit. Men don’t know they have options and they go about their lives in this fog.Other Risk factors also play a part in ED, Tobacco use, Certain medical treatments, injuries, medications and drug and alcohol use all factor in to a diagnosis. What is interesting is that there is a likely a correlation between the ED and increased drug and alcohol use. That must furthermore play a factor in the cycle.

Healthy lifestyles

According to the Mayo Clinic there are some ways to prevent ED, is to make healthier lifestyle choices. These include getting diabetes under control, be regularly screened by your doctor or medical professional,stop smoking or using tobacco products, limit the use of drugs an alcohol,exercise vigorously and often, reduce the stress in your life, and seek mental health guidance on anxiety issues. I think the moral of the story is that a lot of men suffer in silence at the hands of erectile dysfunction, society has deemed it taboo to suffer from ED.

Men need help digging themselves out of the gutters and concurring this problem. That help comes in the form of awareness. Awareness must be the key in solving this problem. Men deserve better, for themselves, for their partners, and for their future. Thank you. 

Published by Peter Williams

I am a medical practitioner from Australia. I am working in St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney now.

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  1. I was able to deal with erectile dysfunction in my marriage by opening up our relationship. I don’t like it, but it is what has worked for me so far.

  2. my dick doesnt work cause i whacked it too much in my teenage years. it sucked, not being able to get it up for chicks. but now thanks to viagra, my dick works fine

  3. I have been having an erectile dysfunction problem ever since my wife and I have had our first baby. The problem is not my wife or baby, the problem is my penis.

  4. Since eleven years ago, I have dealt with erectile dysfunction. I took medication for nine months to clear it up; after that, the disorder dissipated.

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