For millions of men across the face of the world, one of the most embarrassing issues they have had to deal with in their personal lives is the one known as premature ejaculation. It has been estimated that 30% of Australian men deal with this issue currently. However, it has long been believed these percentages are low due to being not reported by most sufferers.

These factors include being ashamed and unwilling to seek out help for such a personal problem

For those unfamiliar with the issue, it is when the man ejaculates shortly after penetrating his partner with his penis, usually in less than one minute. It should be noted, however, that there is no set time that the sexual act is supposed to last.

What defines the act climaxing too early is dependent on what both partners in the relationship feel is improper

It is also keen to point out that the acts of orgasm and ejaculation are completely two different things. Just as some women can have pleasurable sex and not be able to orgasm, some men are also able to reach orgasm without ejaculation. The act of ejaculation has 2 phases, the emission (when the semen is mixed), and the expulsion (when the penis tenses at the base and causes the seminal fluid to be released from the body). While this disorder can happen at any age, is is more common in younger men. Younger men, who have less experience at holding back the ability to “come”, will often deal with the issue of premature ejaculation from time to time. There are two specific categories to premature ejaculation, lifelong (where the man has always dealt with it) and acquired (where it happens when it hasn’t before in the past). The causes of premature ejaculation are wide and varied: stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, an overly sensitive penis, and medication side effects are just a few worthy of mention.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can also be a cause of premature ejaculation, since the penis goes soft after ejaculation

Of course the results to this can be a huge detriment to a man’s love life, leaving him feeling as if he can’t please his partner. There are generally no medically specific tests to diagnose premature ejaculation, since it is pretty obvious when a man is in distress from having it. Many treatments are available, including pills and devices. If a medical professional believes that the cause is ED, then the ED is treated first to see if that is the link to premature ejaculation.

One of the newer devices out on the market is known as “Prolong”, and its purpose is to desensitize the penis to stimulation, allowing the user to last longer

During clinical trials of the device, it was found that 61% of men who tried it out added nearly 8 minutes to their sexual act before ejaculation. The small vibrating plastic cup which is used under the head of the penis does not come cheap, though, costing 0.
Also often used is a technique where the penis is withdrew shortly before ejaculation and is squeezed under the base of the head until the urge passes.

The start-stop method is another one used, where the thrusting occurs until shortly before coming, and then stopped and started. This is repeated 3 times until the fourth time when the man will finally ejaculate.

Masturbation before sex, at least an hour, also helps to desensitize the penis and allows the man to have sex for a longer period of time as well

Some couples have sought out counseling to work through issues which may be stressing out the man and causing him to come earlier than he needs to.

One drug specifically used in the treatment of premature ejaculation is called Dapoxetine, which is taken 1-3 hours before the sexual act is to occur

This drug falls into the category of SSRI’s, which are mainly used in the treatment of various depressive disorders. This isn’t an issue that men should allow to get in the way of keeping the ones they love happy in the bedroom.

With the correct treatment and seriousness taken to solving the problem, a large majority of men are eventually able to get over the issue of premature ejaculation and resume having a more enjoyable and fulfilling sexual life, being able to please their partner as well as themselves.

Published by Peter Williams

I am a medical practitioner from Australia. I am working in St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney now.

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  1. I have dealt with it for a long time, mainly due to my bad masturbation technique. I still suffer from it, and whenever I need to have sex I take Cialis pills in order to maintain an erection.

  2. I’ve had major self esteem issues due to premature ejaculation. I have tried just about every remedy there is online and I am too embarrassed to tell my doctor about it but I’m at the point I may have to.

  3. It’s one of the worst things around, you just feel so helpless, so I think it’s an experience that probably all men have had and especially bad when you are getting over the horn and so much that it ends in the beginning.

  4. I want to please my wife. I want to give her everything that she wants sexually. I want to be the sexy man that can please her for a long period of time. I get on top of her and I imagine all of the amazing things that I am going to do to her. Unfortunately, something is plaguing our sexual desires and time in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation has haunted us for the last two years of our relationship. Within 60 seconds, our sexual encounter is over. I cannot control myself and I feel so ashamed. I want to please her like no other. I get to the point where I think our sex is going to be fine and then I ejaculate all over her. I want to please her like the man that I know I can be. Currently, I am seeing a doctor for this. He tells me that stress and poor health can play a part in this. Just the other day, I lasted for 24 seconds. She was so ashamed of me. She told me that if I do not get myself together and fix my premature ejaculation, she was going to sleep with Rodney, the mailman. I just want this issue to be over.

  5. My boyfriend has issues with premature ejaculation, especially if we haven’t had sex in a while. It doesn’t bother me very much, but he is really self conscious about it. He’s lucky because he bounces back pretty quickly, and then is able to go again. But the first time is always really quick.

  6. I’ve had Premature ejaculation for about 3 years. It was very hard on my marriage. After I solved this problem our relationship was better than ever.

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