Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can strike at any time. Even though it is more common as you get older, the fact remains that many people who are suffering from ED may not necessarily be experiencing any issues that have to do with their body chemistry. In fact there is a whole subsection of the world of ED that focuses solely on psychological disorders that cause people to have trouble, or even be unable completely to perform in the moment. In this article, I want to discuss an area of erectile dysfunction that can be often overlooked when people are simply hunting for the right pill to take to fix their issues.


Psychological ED can be an issue that comes around in your life at any time, and for many reasons. Whether you had a recent loss in the family, are stressed out from an upcoming deadline at work, or you’re simply anxious because of a previous bout of ED that happened, you would ultimately be surprised how much our minds alone play a part in these types of serious conditions that can cause severe impact in your personal love life. It is important that if you recognize any of the symptoms of ED that you take the time to talk to your romantic partner, if you have one, and let them know the situation as soon as possible to avoid creating a rift in the love you share for each other down the line.

Symptoms Of ED

The causes for ED can come down to being something as simple as worrying that you simply won’t be “good enough” to satisfy your partner sexually when needed. Placing this kind of stress and anxiety on yourself can create what i like to call a self fulfilling prophecy. When something you fear has not even happened yet, but the thought and worry that you give that fear ends up manifesting itself until it becomes a reality. The worry of performance anxiety can, itself, lead to you having what you fear most, and that is a bad performance.

Whatever the reason, if you are suffering from thoughts or worries about how you might perform, whether it being due to how you feel about your own body image, the well known fear of penis size, of simply perceptions of what you think you’re expected to be able to do in the bedroom as a man, it is important that you love the person you’re with enough to sit down and talk to them about it. Not only that but if you find yourself have psychological issues that lead to you being unable to perform, you may want to take the initiative in your life to make a few appointments.

Getting Help

First and foremost talk to your doctor in Australia. Whatever you THINK the reason is, it is still important to get checked out in order to determine that there are no other underlying factors or serious medical conditions that may be causing you to have ED as a side effect. cancers and other serious diseases can hide themselves as dysfunctions like ED so you are always better off being safe than sorry. If you’re in the all clear your doctor may be able to suggest someone whom you can set up talk therapy sessions with.

Not only is it important to have one on one talks with a therapist so that you can help discuss and root out any key issues that may be causing your worries and lack of performance, but you may also want to consider scheduling time with a relationship therapist if you are in a committed partnership with someone that you really love. ED can be crippling to a relationship, and while one on one talking is important, if things progress far enough to create a serious divide between you and your partner, there is never a bad time to bring in a professional that can help bridge the gap between you and what should be your future.


Remember, sometimes it truly may be all in your head, but it is important to know that it is okay to ask for help, even in situations that can only be put into physical words. So get out there, and show the world who you can be. And as always, be happy, and be healthy!

Published by Peter Williams

I am a medical practitioner from Australia. I am working in St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney now.

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  1. I have been married to my husband for 30 years and I love him so much. However, he has been struggling with erectile dysfunction and our sex life is deteriorating. I am so unsatisfied and helpless at this point.

  2. at this point i can’t even remember when my problems with erectile dysfunction started. Now i’ve tried everything, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra so on and so on. I had pretty much given up until my friend told me about Cialis super active. This has given me a new lease on life, i feel like a new man and i can’t say thank you enough!

  3. I began talking to my current girlfriend during the winter of last year. We became sexually active within two months of talking to each other. However, I would struggle to acquire and maintain an adequate sized boner. I would watch porn regularly and identified my porn use as the source of the problem. After I stopped watching porn, I would become erect much easier and stay hard during sexual activities with my significant other.

  4. Erectile dysfunction is not a death sentence. Luckily there are a bunch of treatment options for ED including physical therapy, sexual therapy, medication, creams. We truly live in an age where we are lucky to have these resources available. Talk to your doctor if you suspect you have ED because it is not the end of the world if you do.

  5. I have been finding it difficult to talk about my dysfunction with my doctor but since telling him a year ago I found comfort in his recommendations. He was able to open my eyes to several different perspectives about it that I had not considered . Now it has become a big burden off my shoulders as I am able to work on the solution and not the problem. It has become a good experience overall as I have come to gain insight into parts of myself that I might not have other wise found out about.

  6. I have had a couple partners within my life that would have difficulties with either getting an erection or keeping the erection. I was often upset during the times I was rady to make love and in the moment but left hanging. One of them actually got prescribed Viagra and it helped a lot.

  7. When you are a man there comes with certain expectations. Living with ED is very stressful and has a huge impact on my mental health. I have been dealing with this for years and I am hoping for a solution.

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